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Nossa História

4 employees and only one sales representative was born in Batatais (SP), in 1989, Kimberlit Agrociências, operating in the regional market of foliar fertilizers.

In 1998 Kimberlit was transferred to the city of Olympia (SP) which started producing its own raw material, verticalization in the production chain, which meant a strategic leap because now has full control over the quality of its finished products. The high standard of the products, the quality of service technicians and agronomists team, coupled with customer satisfaction, helped lead the company to success.

This success has become a series of industrial expansion, growth of its portfolio and its product line. Today Kimberlit covers an area of ​​210,000 square meters and has a team of agronomists and researchers responsible for monitoring and developing what is most modern for plant nutrition, so Kimberlit is always leading technological innovations to Brazilian agriculture.

The Kimberlit Agrociências today has approximately 200 employees and 250 distributors throughout Brazil. From the beginning, the quality of their products is an essential factor throughout the manufacturing process.


  • 2014

    Kimberlit among the fastest growing companies | TOP Development award | new packaging






  • 2013

    Kimberlit among the fastest growing companies


  • 2012

    Entre as empresas que mais crescem | Investimentos na ampliação da capacidade fabril | Construção de nova estação de tratamento de efluentes com tecnologia modelo






  • 2011

    Kimberlit Agrociências - among the fastest growing companies. Magazine Exame PME, Ed 41, Sep 2011. | Mobile equipment for fertilizer coating technology Kimcoat. Kimberlit Agrociências




  • 2010

    Ernst & Young Award - Entrepreneur of the Year


  • 2009

    Premio Empreendedor Endeavor


  • 2008

    Consolidação do Kimcoat com alianças estratégicas com grandes misturadoras de NPK | Premio Endeavor ExamePME de empreendedorismo


  • 2007

    A Kimberlit lança a tecnologia KIMCOAT


  • 2006

    The company starts a process of restructuring and professionalization aimed at the resumption of its strong growth

  • 2005

    The default arising from the breach of the grain harvest , coupled with the high investment made by the company in 2004 affected cash flow , causing various disorders for business

  • 2004

    The company carries high investment in a new manufacturing plant glimpsing the soil fertilizer market

  • 2003

    In the constantly evolving search the company starts testing with a new technology called KIMCOAT able to increase efficiency in nutritional management , bringing to agribusiness and consequently to farmers many benefits.

  • 2001

    The company invests in new manufacturing facilities capable of adapting to the growth of the business , leaving an area of ​​1,500 m² for an area of ​​120,000 m²

  • 1998

    A fábrica foi estratégicamente transferida para o parque industrial de Olímpia | São lançadas novas linhas de produtos


  • 1994

    Current members acquire the company

  • 1989

    É fundada a Kimberlit com sede em Batatais/SP

Where are we located:

Rod. Assis Chateaubriand, Km 144.5, Olimpia - SP

Our phones:

17 3279-1500

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